Rebekah Freedom Biography


I know pain. I know the agony of heartbreak. And I know how to keep on going even when it feels like there is nothing left to live for. I wasn’t always called Rebekah Freedom. It’s a title I made up as a joke at first but it seems to be a badge of honor these days. I know that a lot of us try to live manicured lives that will make for good posts on social media. I have had my fair share of days that were #blessed. But, I’ve have had months, even years where I was hollow shell of a person just going through the motions.

In 2014 I went through my first devastating breakup. We weren’t right for each other from the start but the sex was too good and the companionship was too fun to walk away from. But, after about a year together we couldn’t deny that we wanted different lives. I wanted a family and he wanted to continue to be a gypsy. Since that time, my heart closed and my mind took over. I poured all I had to give into building my business and writing Breakup Rehab.

The stress from the breakup landed me in the ER. After I healed I went as far as to move to California so I didn’t have to face the memories my ex and I had created all over Colorado. I thought my life was going to be relegated to “being a career woman” with no hope of love.

But then something miraculous happened.

After four years of being single my life changed in one night. I met a man and we went home together. But, that’s not the end of the story. Three months later he broke up with me and like breakups do, it devastated me. I had three months of ongoing anxiety attacks, lost ten pounds, and is all I could do was think about him; why it didn’t work, what I did wrong, how I could change it, and I was fixated on if we could get back together because at the core of who we were we had so much in common.

But, God had a different plan. In the time since the breakup I had renewed my investment in healing myself from all of my breakups and began to free myself from the grip of the past. I joined codependents anonymous, went to therapy, worked the Steps of Breakup Rehab and the 12 steps, and reconnected with my friends and family. My friend said to me, “If you work the steps the disease of addiction will give you more than it takes.” It’s a journey.

We all want that lasting love. Some of that will find it in a marriage, others in their walk with God, others in nature, and all of us are tasked with coming home to ourselves. To walk the path before us.

And I am here to walk with you on your unique journey. I know pain but I also know the joy that sustains. I know what it takes to restore your confidence, repair your self-esteem, and give you the endurance to create and maintain healthy relationships. I’m here for you. Welcome home!

With love,

Rebekah Freedom McClaskey