About Rebekah

Rebekah Freedom Biography

What kind of name is Rebekah Freedom?

Well Rebekah is Hebrew for liar. So, we are off to a good start there—thanks mom and dad. Ironically, I suck at lying. So, the other option is that the truth will set you…but that is not how Freedom became my taken last name.

I was born Rebekah McClaskey. My mother was Rose and my dad was Tom. Rose and Tom were weird. To understand my story, you need to understand theirs.

They grew up together in Rural South Dakota. My mother was a rodeo queen and my dad was a misfit who spent his time fishing, hunting, and blowing things up with M80 fireworks. After high school my dad joined the military and served in Vietnam. He was high from the day he got there until the day he left.

My mom graduated and her dad moved the family—all six kids and one wife—to Los Angeles. My mom got in a motorcycle wreck that almost ended her life and she had to relearn everything. By the time she had recovered my dad was back from “Nam”. He then asked my mother to marry him.

They got married and did a lot of drugs in their 20’s to 30’s. But then they found Jesus. By age 33, my dad cleaned up his act and went to Bible School in Northern California. Then I was born—which was a miracle because the doctors told my mother she couldn’t have kids.

That’s right, I’m a freak’n miracle.

So, 1980 was a good year. I came into the world. Why I did that, I’m still figuring out. Currently it is so that I can use my years of experience and higher education to be a breakup specialist. And how did I get the name Rebekah Freedom? It’s because I’m a smart ass.

While I was getting my Masters in Counseling Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder Colorado, I noticed a weird phenomenon. People were calling themselves things like Shanti, Mahadev, Moonflower, and other semi-spiritual earth based names. But, I was like, “Your name is Kate or Ron!” It is not “Everywhere Jones”. In an attempt at sarcasm and to make sure my clients couldn’t find my Facebook page, I changed my online name to Rebekah Freedom.

Well the joke was on me because it stuck.

Why did I choose Freedom as my last name? Because, from my point of view, it is the only way to live.

Live free or die! Which, is also on the New Hampshire license plate. I have no affiliation to that state.

But, why did I become a breakup specialist?

Because relationships are hard and we don’t know what we are doing.

Stay with me. I mean, we all are told about how wonderful they are but no one reads the fine print that they are also work. And we all rush into relationships that are only episodes in our lives and try to make them like last as long as the Fast & Furious movies have (they just keep coming). So, I became a breakup specialist because I think that, for the majority of relationships, breaking up is the best part.

We don’t grow when comfortable. We don’t become stronger when everything is easy. Breakups are a gift. And I am Santa Clause. I’ve been through the shit—devastating breakups, dating apps, STD’s, cheaters, and more. I get it. And now it is my life’s mission to teach people to leverage their breakup to start over stronger and create the love they want!