Important life transitions. 

1 Hour Psychic Reading: $150

1 Hour Session: TBD

1.5 Hour Session: TBD

Why does therapy cost so much? 

The cost of therapy reflects my many years of experience as a Breakup Specialist. I have worked with hundreds of individuals and have reached millions of people through my online articles. I know exactly how to help you navigate through the most complicated and bleak situations so that you can be happy again. Money has everything to do with mindset. So, choose what feels right for you.

What am I going to get out of a session? 

We will map out a clear strategy to get you moving in the right direction. Breakups and loss can create a cloud of confusion in our lives. Did we make the right choice? Was it the right timing? What else could have or should have been done that would have created a better result? Stop your mind from running in circles. Quiet the chatter that keeps you up at night or distracts you from life. Become yourself again or discover an even better version of you. The time and money you invest will be evident by how much your life and the way you approach relationships changes for the better.

What if I don’t get results? 

Counseling is not a cure. It is a process. So, don’t expect results from a single session. Be prepared to do whatever it takes to heal and move forward. And we all have to do that at a pace that makes sense for us. So, if you can’t invest the big bucks into yourself right now; then start small and do what you can by booking as often as you can. You will get results based on your level of commitment.


1 Hour Session

Individual Sessions are permitted for clients who have worked with me or who are currently working with a therapist.

2 Hour Session

Two hour sessions are permitted for clients who cannot afford packages but still need continued support. They are also for follow up for clients who have worked with me or who are currently working with a therapist.

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