Three Months


Breakup Rehab: $3000+ 

I’m here to guide you. I’m going to help you heal and move forward. I’m going to help you discover your purpose in this life. I am going to support you to create the love you want. But, you have to decide if your life is worth the investment. The only things standing between you and your future is fear. I will help you bust through your blocks, limiting beliefs, and overcome the heartbreak that goes with breakup.

After a breakup or divorce it can take months to heal from the rejection and pain. Confusion, hurt, sorrow, fear, financial worries, health concerns, parenting complications, and low self-worth can make it difficult to ask for help. It can be hard to know where to turn to. Look no further. I’m here.

You deserve help. You deserve to feel happy. You deserve to experience freedom.

Services offered to heal from heartbreak, guilt, or to validate your choice to leave the relationship include:

Phone Sessions & Talk Therapy

  • Intuitive (psychic) Guidance (as it applies)
  • Fitness Program with Nutritional Considerations
  • Strategic Planning

The prices reflect comprehensive care and include texting support between sessions.

Reboot Your Life: $3000+

Get your mojo back!  Don’t sit on your dreams. Make them a reality. I will help you learn how to effectively communicate so you can be the most powerful version of yourself. Together we will uncover you life-purpose using both intuitive insights and strategic mapping.

If we cannot communicate how we feel it often blocks us from getting what we really want. A breakdown in communication can impact our careers, our life-purpose, relationships, our sex-lives, and every facet of life. Learning to communicate who you are and what you want is the key to living a happy life.

Low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, bad parenting, neglect, fear, and pride can block us from communicating effectively. Further, we can form unrealistic expectations for others to read our minds. We often think, “If they loved me they would just understand what I need a give it to me.”

Over the course of our time together we will break the patterns that create pain and suffering and you will learn new ways on how to effectively communicate so that you can create the love and life you want. LIVE YOUR DREAM!


I look forward to proving you with the support and guidance you need to truly experience freedom.