Imagine not waking up in a panic that you lost the love of your life.

Imagine not regretting ending the relationship.

Imagine living a life where you can actually be embodied and full of joy. So often we sell ourselves short. We think that the last love we had is going to be the last love we will have. Granted no matter if we get our ex back or find a new love it won’t be the same as it was. So, now imagine the grip of the past loosening. Imagine your childhood wounds mending. And for the first time in your life you can look in the mirror and feel joy. This is different than feeling happy. Something has shifted inside of you. Something no one can take away.

The Breakup Rehab 12 Week Detox

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The Healing Begins when You Choose it.

Think of your life in increments of time. It’s the one commodity we all share. Now imagine your time and energy being used up on a person that wasn’t right for you, couldn’t see you, and who you may be making excuses for. How much more time do you want to spend doing that? Or would you like your life back? Would you like to come home to yourself? Would you like a connection with everlasting joy that you may have never experienced before? If you said yes, then imagine getting all the time you would spend healing from your breakup on your own as dollars coming back to you. Six months could equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Three months to thousands. One day hundreds. If time is a we have what will you invest to protect your time?

I’m here to help and together we will create a path forward unique to your needs. Book your initial session now and experience freedom.

$1500/month 1:1 sessions

$1000/month for group sessions

(Minimum requirement is 3 months)

Sliding scale offered to students & veterans