Imagine not waking up in a panic that you lost the love of your life.

Imagine not regretting ending the relationship.

Imagine living a life where you can actually be embodied and full of joy. So often we sell ourselves short. We think that the last love we had is going to be the last love we will have. Granted no matter if we get our ex back or find a new love it won’t be the same as it was. So, now imagine the grip of the past loosening. Imagine your childhood wounds mending. And for the first time in your life you can look in the mirror and feel joy. This is different than feeling happy. Something has shifted inside of you. Something no one can take away.

The Breakup Rehab 4 Week Rapid Detox

This is one bad ass training. Breakups are the worst. So guess what? We are going to power through together. We will blast though 3 steps each week, meet 1x a week for a group call, and you can text me when you are melting down. This class is a no brainer for anyone who is sick of the dating game, wants to have a healthy relationship, and is ready for true love.

And if you are into self-improvement so you are doing 10x better when you see your ex, that’s cool too!

Coming January 23!!!



PS. Valentines Day can suck it!