Breakup Rehab

Breakup Rehab

do not bother to hold onto that thing that does not want you.

you can’t make it stay. ~rupi kaur


You are going to get a divorce?

You are going to breakup?

You ended the relationship?

You got dumped?


The 12 step path to start over stronger.


The secret that destroys all relationships:

Humans—we do some weird shit sometimes.  We long for love. We find “it”. Then we destroy it.

But why? Why do we kill the very thing we were willing to give our life for; that some of us did give up our lives for?

We all secretly wonder if we are “good enough–in bed, with money, as a lover, as a companion, and as a person.” But, good enough for what? To make certain they don’t leave us.

But, it happened. So, let’s utilize my 5 years as a breakup specialist to turn your breakup into a moment in time where you become a better version of you—better than your ex of course. (I jest).

Why did the breakup happen?

There are 5 main reasons breakups happen.

  1. The first is we are stupid in that we can’t or don’t communicate effectively. We never learned how.

That can be fixed.

  1. The second reason for a breakup is that one of us sucks as a lover. We don’t pay attention to the other person’s needs. We get wrapped up in our heads. We are too busy to stay in the moment. Or we never learned the skills of how to be a jaw-dropping, earth-shaking, pussy-pleasing, cock-artist.

That can be learned.

And what is the point of a romantic relationship if you can’t have good sex? You might as well be roommates.

  1. The third reason for breakups is because even roommates have a hard time sharing chores, responsibilities, and finances. Nothing tanks a person’s self-esteem more than money issues. It is difficult to feel like a burden to the relationship because it is hard to earn our keep. Or it can be frustrating being the one paying the bills all the time as if we are just workhorses.

That can be remedied.

Yup, money issues often beget trust issues.

  1. Which brings us to the forth reason people breakup—betrayal.

Shame, shame, I know your name and it is called Infidelity. Someone couldn’t keep it in their pants or keep their emotional affair in check. I’m not pointing fingers or saying that we need to lay blame. But, someone needs to take responsibility for being unfaithful.

That can be mended.

  1. The fifth reason for a breakup is because we all want to live ideal lives and just really suck at dealing with reality. Our expectations are distorted.

That can be reprogrammed.

We do the best we can but what we don’t know can hurt us—breakup is proof of that.

Did they really love you?

We often use the breakup as proof of our love and use is as evidence to invalidate how much or even if our partner loved us.

And how do we even measure love? Think of all the judgement we carry when it comes to love. Think of how we rate our partners and rank them according to how well they loved us. Think of all the times that we thought we were getting it right.

Now think about the messy breakup. What gets us to the point of breaking up? Is it lack of love or something else?

Do they still think of you; especially when lonely?

We can’t seem to get our minds to shut up about our ex! We can’t eat. We can’t sleep. We are a wreck after our breakup. But are they? Do they even care about the devastation?

I mean we just leave people so that the will finally change and be the person we need them to be—it makes total sense (sarcasm).

Or we get left because we clearly are not good enough. (also sarcasm).

So, what would it change if both people were equally devastated by the breakup; equally remorseful; equally upset? Would it matter?

How do you move forward?

You pay me money. But, really, it is going to take an investment of time and resources to clean up your mess.

I mean, you can go to a therapist that takes insurance. You can continue to search the internet for insight into “why it happened”. You could just try to date someone else—“The best way to get over someone is to get under someone” right? There are a lot of things you could do to move forward. And none of them are Breakup Rehab™.

Think of where you are: heartbroken, angry, and lost.

Think of where you want to be. What kind of relationship do you actually want? But, how will you get there doing what you have always done?

It’s time to choose something else. And I know exactly what you need.

Breakup Rehab is a 12 step process that teaches you how to communicate better, how to be a world class lover, how to live you purpose so you can live an abundant life, heals betrayal, and helps us manage the harsh and beautiful reality that is life.

If you choose to be a VIP client Breakup Rehab will be tailored for your specific needs. It will highlight you weaknesses and turn them into strengths. I will be guiding you every step of the way so that you can start over stronger.

Breakup Rehab also has a group enrollment option. The details of this online support group are TBD.

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