Rebekah (McClaskey) Freedom has a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and a  Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Black Hills State University.

She is also a prolific writer with over a million readers reached through her articles on Elephant Journal. In 2002, Rebekah wrote a book for people going through breakups called Breakup Rehab: Start Over Stronger.  The premise of the book is how to utilize 12 steps to move forward and heal after a breakup.

“My credentials include over ten years studying the human condition as it relates to relationships, a Masters in Counseling from the prestigious Naropa University, five years as a love and relationship specialist, author of the seminal book Breakup Rehab, and a bachelor’s in psychology.”

Rebekah’s practice incorporates mindfulness practices into clinical therapy approach. She’s also worked with a variety of people ranging from spouses of veterans with PTSD, the veterans themselves, individuals experiencing the loss of a loved one, and addicts.