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What kind of counseling does Rebekah Freedom provide?

Psychic + Clinical Counselor + Bad-Assery =Freedom

When it comes to breakups you can access a lot of different information on what to do next. And if you want freedom; then work with the source and begin your journey now!

The Journey:

Life Before Breakup:

“I’m sick of this shit.”

“My partner is never going to change and if they really loved me then they would.”

“Why can’t my partner accept all of me?”

Avoidance of the truth.

Frustrated about your sex life.

Falling out of love with your partner.

Life During Breakup:

“That was my last chance at love.”

“I can’t seem to let go.”

“I’ll be lonely forever.”

Shame. Feeling worthless without a relationship.

Guilt. Not feeling like enough or thinking that you are too much to handle.

Life Beyond Breakup:

I will jar you out of complacency.

I will awaken your capacity for growth and power.

I will guide you to break through the illusion that pain is your destiny.

I will make you aware so that you can understand your life’s mission.

I will empower you to let go and create the love you want.

I will facilitate your freedom!


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My experiences with Rebekah Freedom were very different than other counselors. Therapists I’ve seen and spoken to in the past didn’t have what Rebekah does. She is innately aware of the current dynamics of social situations. She facilitated a healthy healing presence over the phone as a true friend would have, yet from a place of professionalism I haven’t experienced anywhere else. Rebekah has a real gift of empathy, wisdom of the Human Heart and compassionate listening I found to be remarkably healing and helpful to my situation and heart and psyche. She is a authentic human and truly gifted psychic, as well as outgoing, and professional in her unique approach to counseling. I Recommend her to anyone in times of need where open & respected healing space and intuitive presence is needed. Rebekah Freedom is the real deal. Carter E.

Rebekah, for me, was a big breath of fresh air and a great diversion off the path of traditional talk therapy that never lead me anywhere. I can honestly say she helped me “see the light…” LB Lauri B

Rebekah is an extraordinarily talented and intuitive individual. She has the ability to look at any situation and know which direction to go to best benefit the client, be it counseling or a more psychic approach. She is open and hilarious. She makes the session effortless and full of joy. Always fun and ALWAYS right on the nose with what direction you need to be heading in. The only thing I would want to improve is more time with her. Rebecca S.


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