Power Realized Through Transformational Upgrades

If you found this website, it’s not an accident. The hand of God or “the universe” must have guided you to work with me. I say that because while I’m an excellent counselor and healer, I’m not great at marketing. That’s not where my energy goes to. And maybe you feel like this. You are great at one aspect of your life—business. But, other aspects like health, spirituality, sex, love, relationship and over-all well-being prove to be challenging.

Think about this for just a moment:

We educate ourselves into a vocation that will make us money so that we can live in communities that makes us feel safe. But what happens when feeling safe, needed, useful, or even adored is only good-enough. It’s not that life is bad. By all stretch of the imagination we live like kings and queens. On the outside it can look great but on the inside we can feel lost, afraid, and disconnected. 

When we feel empty, so many of us become consumed by addictions—buying stuff, working all the time, surfing the web, hoping for the next best thing, being codependent, and/or substance abuse. I get it. What we often don’t get is an education on how to live life.

It’s not so much that any of us “need” therapy; it’s that we need to learn how to be human again. So, while you may be excellent at business, good as a parent, okay as a provider and protector, or even a dutiful partner—there is so much more life to live.

Where are you on your life’s journey?

Again, working with me is not like getting yourself into some sort of “quick-fix/high-performance” coaching program with strategies and goals. I take my clients deeper than that. Currently, I feel that a majority of therapy can do more harm than good because the focus is on discovering how our past F’d us up. While this is effective at providing perspective on our behaviors–it isn’t magic. It lacks the potency that I’m offering with Transformatoinal Upgrades: Six months. Multiple day intensives. Phone & texting support. No bull-shit. Real-deal wisdom. And some magic thrown in for good measure. 

Where we get stuck. 

The tail of dissatisfaction with this human experience is as old as time itself—lust, yearning, and desire seduce us all into believing that the acquiring or having of a person, place, or thing will “make us happy.” But even happiness is a temporary fix because it ebbs and flows like the tide. It does not reconcile the void we all feel, the malaise of being listless and drifting, and happiness cannot soften the psychological hardness that builds upon itself after years of defeat, hurt, and shame.

But what if there was a solution? What if there was something beyond high-performance coaching, long-winded therapy sessions, or woo-woo shit that would not only better you but improve every aspect of your life?

If you’re a person concerned with your legacy, the impact you can have, and who wants more from life than vapid dinner parties then I have an invitation for you.

Of course I have to say that this is a very special invitation that only few will be able to respond to. There is something special about you if you can engage in this level of upgraded healing. I already know some things about you.

  1. You are successful in business.
  2. You are a seeker, curious, and want to truly live life.
  3. You are at a crossroads in your life.

Let’s start with the numbers.

$15,000 for six months of VIP care. 

There are two things worth living for in this life–Love and Freedom. Money matters if you use it to set yourself free and it can be a prison. Love matters if it sets you free and it can also be a cage of your own making. I don’t teach self-development. You can get that in a book aisle at Barns & Nobel. I don’t teach basic magic. You can watch YouTube to get “manifestation” techniques. And I do ask for commitment to this process right away because in this case you do get what you pay for. 

You give me six months of your life and I will give you skills you can use to upgrade your life for the rest of your life. 

Payment plan of:

$2500/month for 6 months of transformational upgrades. 

I promise you, this will be like nothing else you have experienced. It will feel familiar if you have been to therapy. The changes may even feel subtle at first. But, in a short amount of time things will begin to shift inside of you until the glow radiates from you makes people say, “What are you doing you seem so youthful, happy, confident, and at vibrant?” Who doesn’t want more of that?

The Transfomatoinal Path:

Each week we will explore a transformational upgrade unique to you.

A general overview of the uprades may look like (but it will be customized to you!)

Month 1: We are going to talk as much as needed for the first month as we build our foundation of transformation. This is how we will onboard mastery of your personal power and shift your worn out points of view.

Month 2: We will switch gears and lock in bi-weekly healings to balance your mind, heart, and soul. Sessions can vary from one hour to three hours depending on what is needed. Texting support will be provided between sessions because life doesn’t run on a schedule and neither do emotions.

Month 3: I will begin teaching the tools you need to create change in your life as if by magic. Prayers, spells, and sage advice included.

Month 4: This is a pivotal month. We can get distracted by “doing” life. So, this month will be all about meditation practices to pump up our potency.

Month 5: The artist in you is about to come out. This is the month we explore what wants to be created through you and connect you in a profound way to your unique life path.

Month 6: It will feel like no time has passed at all. Yet you feel more alive than ever before. In the final month we will resume our hour check-in’s up to 8x in this month. As we journey together this month will be informed by our relationship thus far.

Lastly let’s talk Counseling Benefits:

The therapeutic relationship we will form will last 6 month and the impact will last a lifetime. Our relationship is built on a foundation of trust where you get to be exactly who you are. Further, this relationship will increase your awareness and capacity to be a powerful creator.

It will provide clarity on how to manage your marriage, heal past indiscretions, be better at life and move forward. Lastly, we are as sick as our secrets. So, this relationship will provide a safe space you can confess and even discover the darkness you’ve been caring around so that you can finally experience freedom!

Oh, and I’m sure we will learn from each other because I also know that on a soul-level you are so very valuable.

To enroll please send me an email inquiry at rebekahmcclaskey@gmail.com

All correspondence will be held as confidential.