Holding your hand through important life transitions. 

So often we seek psychic guidance because we feel like, “If I only knew how they felt about me really; I would be okay.” In these moments we tend to neglect our actual needs of being able to tap into our own power, reconnect with joy, and be at peace. I ask my clients to live from a place where you feel that that you are taken care of;  live from that place instead of for it. What if you are already complete and are lacking nothing? You believed in the depth of your soul that I am fully provided for. How would that change your life right away?

What if you worked from your heart and attracted things in an easy an natural way? What if you could tap into that level of intelligence and guidance? What type of partner would walk next to you and co-create that enduring love with you?

How surrendered can you be to what is right in front of you? How much time are you spending striving, planning, and pushing your will onto the situation in front of you? What abundance could show up for you right away if your heart and mind align?

In our session we will explore the inner workings of your life and get to the root of your current circumstance so that you never feel lonely again. We will reconnect you to your Higher-power so that you can feel a love everlasting. And we will take the time needed to promote lasting healing and well-being.

I sell sessions in groups because you will need more than one.

A group of two 90 minute sessions is $500.

Ask about a sliding scale if you are experiencing financial hardship.