Psychic Reading

Psychic Counseling

You are a powerful instrument of change. 

Feel how you want to feel about me being a psychic. Like it. Don’t like it. Call me a sinner. Or leverage my incredible gift to set yourself free.

I’ve been a psychic my whole life and been using my gifts professionally for 14 years.

The back story.

If you read “About Rebekah” then you know my father went to Bible school. He became a pastor. I spent the first years of my life learning to walk in church. I grew up helping my dad get communion plates ready, going to revival gatherings, and worshiping with the brothers and sisters of the church.

My father taught me how to pray.

And when I was young—about eight years old—he and a friend were working on a car trying to get a bold to come undone. They were there for an hour trying everything they knew. I came up to my dad and said, “You know who is strong enough to move that bolt? God is.” Then I closed my eyes and prayed to God to help them. The very next moment, my dad reached up with his fingers and twisted that bolt right off.

Ever since I knew how to pray, I thought it was normal to hear back from God. And once I was a teen I thought it was normal to speak in tongues and have the Holy Spirit intercede on my behalf. That’s right, I’m a holy roller.

And I talk to dead people and hear back. I get messages that shift people’s lives. I can’t see into the future but I can help people map out theirs.

What is a psychic reading?

This is a tender subject.

I’ve been to psychics. It is a position of authority and some abuse that authority.

My intention for providing psychic readings to my clients who are going through a breakup is not to “snoop” on their ex, help to get revenge, or use insights with any malice intent. So, don’t ask for that.

A reading is a collaborative effort because I get phrases and images that make no sense to me and I have to rely on whomever I am working with to fill in the blanks. We share information in a way that paints a broader picture and creates more possibility through providing more awareness.

Are readings a pat of or separate from counseling?

I integrate my psychic gifts into counseling.  And I integrate my counseling into readings.

What to expect.

Expect to be surprised but not too surprised because the fact is we are all psychic. Some of us are just better at it than others.

Expect us to have a conversation where you ask questions and I provide clinical and intuitive insights.

Who can get a reading?

I have to deem a person fit for a reading. Forms will need to be completed before hand.

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