Grief Counseling

Grief & Loss

Common Questions About Grief Counseling and Healing Heart-Break:

How do I recover from the loss of love in my life?

How do I stop obsessing over the loss?

What can I do to move forward with my life?

“Only people who are capable of loving strongly can also suffer great sorrow, but this same necessity of loving serves to counteract their grief and heals them.”

― Leo Tolstoy




The Grief Process:

There are a variety of things that initiate us into the grieving process such as a breakup, loss of a career, loss of identity, death of a loved one, or divorce. I specialize in supporting my clients through the stages of denial, sorrow, anger, negotiation, and acceptance. I’ve done this work for 8 years now and I find that men grieve different than women. But, make no mistake, loss impacts us all.

To illustrate my point, I’m allow me to tell you a story:

In March of 2017, I resumed my daily ritual of listening to motivational speeches on YouTube. One speech inspired me to take up a particular form of journaling where you give thanks for things you want in your future, but you write as if they already happened. For instance, “I give thanks for my loving husband who is tall and loves me for me.” Of course, I won’t bore you with the details but I did get very detailed.

I spend about a week journaling and then let the practice rest. Well, sometime in April, I was using an App to connect with fellow business people. I “matched” with a man named Tim. He was very enthusiastic about talking to me since I advertised myself as a Spiritual Counselor on the app. Our conversation flowed but when it ended I could tell there was more energy there. It wasn’t just business. Tim was interested in more.

So, a week passed, and between some text flirting and a few deep conversations, Tim made plans to drive two hours to meet me. He came to my place and we clicked right away. But, there was a catch. He has just ended a five-year relationship. Tim was articulate enough to know he didn’t want to jump into something serious right away but when I asked him directly, “What about your grief process?” He assured me that he already went through it at the end of the relationship.

The flirtation continued for about one more week. Then, sure as night follows day, I reached out to him because he went MIA. He said, “I realized I’m not over my relationship and I need time to process it.” It took Tim about a month-and-a-half to realize that he was in face in the grief process.

I (mostly) graciously bowed out and sent him on his way with the canned phrase, “Blessings on your journey.” I meant, “Figure it out and then let’s see if there really is anything between us.” The moral is, that it takes men much longer to process through grief than women.

Women start the process as soon as the loss is felt.

Women talk to their girlfriends about it, invest in makeovers, and seek therapy 3x more than men do. Men tend to bottle up the pain and find outlets like sports, strip-clubs, and drinking to cope with loss. Of course, these are generalities and there are acceptations.

Regardless, loss is painful. It can change how we behave in the world. We are pensive and untrusting in love after a breakup. We are bitter and fearful after a divorce. We are devastated and listless after the death of a loved one. I have experienced a horrific breakup and the loss of both of my Parents when I was in my 20’s, so I understand the process of grief very intimately.

My Process:

I dealt with my father’s death by sleeping around, drinking, and wearing black. I was only 20 when he died. But, when my mother passed away, I was 27, and matured enough to seek out counseling. I worked with several therapists who helped me process the grief. This work even lead to me choosing to get my Masters in Counseling so I could support others who had been through similar loss.

The difference between using drugs and men to deal with loss vs having professional support is night and day. I wouldn’t be the strong person I am today if it was not for the compassionate care of the therapists I worked with to give me the coping skills to build the life I wanted.

Now, I run and operate a thriving counseling practice where I combine my talents as an author, psychic, and clinical counselor in a way that creates a totally unique experience for my clients. I take my clients through a powerful process of transformation using codes of creation, practical magic, and good ol’ basic skill sets.

Breakup, Divorce, or Death:

If a client comes to me with the issue of loss over a breakup or divorce, we focus on the next steps that need to happen right away to initiate positive change in their lives. Sessions typically include channeled messages, clinical assessments, and strategies to create powerful outcomes. I charge a high rate because I’m like no other therapist in the world. Of course, there are professionals that can offer similar support but not in the same comprehensive and potent manner that I do. Simply, I facilitate freedom from pain and suffering so that my client can truly realize their purpose.

There is a path a purpose for you. You don’t have to suffer alone. I’m here. Schedule your free consultation now. Let’s change your life together.