The Work

Spiritual Counseling

What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual counseling takes into account various religious traditions, philosophical life perspectives, and psychological understanding of human behavior. It is a holistic approach that creates positive outcomes. As your counselor, I also use tools from Access Consciousness© which allow for a greater ability to release the pains from the past and choose the future you want now. Of course, this type of counseling is not the best fit for everyone.

Some people still believe that psychics are evil or against god. This is not entirely untrue. But, we all have a sixth sense or intuition. Have you ever thought of someone you haven’t talked to and then they contact you? Or maybe you had a dream about something that ended up happing. Millions of people experience déjà vu—the sense they have been “here before”. Some parents have a connection to their children that could be referred to as “psychic”. And I incorporate my style of psychic awareness into our spiritual counseling.

I have the ability to translate subtle energy such as how another person is feeling, past life events, current health issues, and energies from loved ones who have died into a comprehensive conversation. It’s common when going to a “psychic” to get “information.” But, that information is incomplete in that what you do with it is more important that what the content of the information is. I seek to empower my clients with the information that comes through. It’s not enough to just know because you also need to know how to take action on the information given.

I made sure to get my Master’s in Counseling from the prestigious Naropa University so that I could bridge the gap between psychology and psychic realities. My father was also a pastor in the Christian church and raised me to understand the scriptures. I’m an inclusionist in that no matter who comes to work with me, I make sure that spiritual counseling will be a benefit to them.

This means that if you are wanting to create more wealth in your life, I examine the energetic blocks you have around wealth and help you clear them. If you are wanting to be in a healthy relationship, we look at karmic patterns that may be holding you back from doing so. If you are struggling with health issues and want to know what path to take to bring your body and mind back into balance, I will provide you the direction to choose wisely for you.

The work is truly incredible.

I have been in business for about six years and I’ve seen lives change in miraculous ways. People who choose to work with me have the ability to be authorities over the things that previously felt impossible. I understand what it is to struggle with depression and chronic grief as I have experienced devastating loss in my life. As a counselor, I have been to counselors and I understand the benefit of having someone help you get to the next level in your life. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have someone actually listen to you.

I include humor, a broad perspective, and true caring in my spiritual counseling. I understand the deep need we all have to fit in and the lengths we go to in order to achieve that. And there is more for you that just fitting in. I’ve seen it. I know what is possible. And I’m here to help you experience freedom!

Therapeutic Expertise

It takes practice to learn a new language -especially the language of love. My specific approach to relationship counseling includes cognitive behavioral therapy, IMAGO therapy, and John Gottman approach.


A psychotherapeutic approach developed by Fritz Perls (1893–1970). It focuses on insight into gestalts in patients and their relations to the world, and often uses role-playing to aid the resolution of past conflicts.

Somatic Centering

This is a therapeutic technique of visualizing the body’s energy centers (Chakra’s/Endocrine system) and harnessing the sensation within each center as a means of challenging maladaptive beliefs. Simply, it is about discovering the messages in the body-mind.

Grounding Techniques

These are simple breathing techniques and tools used to focus on the moment in order to deal with anxiety and depression.

Spiritual Counseling

Clients are guided to follow their own intuitive senses as a powerful tool to make decisions and move forward. I help support the discovery of a person’s sixth sense or connection to their unique spiritual journey. Entire sessions can be devoted to connecting to spiritual realities.