Here, you are family

When we breakup we feel like we don’t belong; like we have no home. But, this is not true. You are a part of the Freedom Family now and Rebekah will walk with you on your journey to heal your heart so that you can create the love you want.


My experiences with Rebekah Freedom were very different than other counselors. She facilitated a healthy healing presence over the phone as a true friend would have, yet from a place of professionalism I haven’t experienced anywhere else. Rebekah has a real gift of empathy, wisdom of the Human Heart and compassionate listening. I Recommend her to anyone in times of need where open & respected healing space and intuitive presence is needed. Rebekah Freedom is the real deal.

Carter E.

Rebekah is an extraordinarily talented and intuitive individual. She has the ability to look at any situation and know which direction to go to best benefit the client, be it counseling or a more psychic approach. She is open and hilarious. She makes the session effortless and full of joy. Always fun and ALWAYS right on the nose with what direction you need to be heading in. The only thing I would want to improve is more time with her. Rebecca S.

Rebekah, for me, was a big breath of fresh air and a great diversion off the path of traditional talk therapy that never lead me anywhere. I can honestly say she helped me “see the light…” LB Lauri B


Let's get through this TOGETHER
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Turn Your Pain from Breakup into an Opportunity to Grow toward True Love

After her devastating breakup, counselor Rebekah Freedom McClaskey became inspired by her work in the field of addiction recovery to craft a safe, step-by-step path to forging healthy relationships based on honesty, love, integrity, and trust. Breakup Rehab addresses post-breakup chaos, providing clarity and direction so that your next relationship will be your best relationship.

This wise, real-world, and often humorous guide acknowledges the state of grief or resignation that comes with a breakup and then walks you through the stages of forgiveness and letting go. Along the way, you’ll experience a more compassionate self-awareness as you rebuild self-confidence and learn how to be loved for who you truly are. These steps will propel you forward on your unique path, as you recognize your life’s purpose and then travel toward well-being and a love that will set you free.

 About Rebekah Freedom

I know pain. I know the agony of heartbreak. And I know how to keep on going even when it feels like there is nothing left to live for. I wasn’t always called Rebekah Freedom. It’s a title I made up as a joke at first but it seems to be a badge of honor these days. I know that a lot of us try to live manicured lives that will make for good posts on social media. I have had my fair share of days that were #blessed. But, I’ve have had months, even years where I was hollow shell of a person just going through the motions.

In 2014 I went through my first devastating breakup. We weren’t right for each other from the start but the sex was too good and the companionship was too fun to walk away from. But, after about a year together we couldn’t deny that we wanted different lives. I wanted a family and he wanted to continue to be a gypsy. Since that time, my heart closed and my mind took over. I poured all I had to give into building my business and writing Breakup Rehab.

The stress from the breakup wreaked havoc on my nervous system, which then landed me in the ER. After I healed I went as far as to move to California so I didn’t have to face the memories my ex and I had created all over Colorado. I thought my life was going to be relegated to “being a career woman” with no hope of love.

But then something miraculous happened.