Ask for what you want.

Rebekah Freedom is just different.

She blends traditional counseling with old-school magic. She specializes in Life-Transitions, Breakups, and Addictions.

While she’s not always talking to the other side or healing broken hearts, when she does it sets her clients free.

Turn Pain into Power

Band-Aid: 30 minute Energy Clearing.

Quick Fix: 1 hour session.

VIP Day: 4-5 hour healing.

The Life Changer: 3 months of Move’n on.

Upgrade: 3 months of WOW.

Love of my Life: 6 months of amazing transformation.

Healing Hurting Hearts & Restoring Our Connection to Miracles.

The Band-Aid: $70

The Quick Fix: $200

The VIP Day: $2000

The Life-changer: $4500

The Upgrade: $8500

The Love of My Life: $15,000

Budget for Change!

We all have access to “fake money”. It’s called credit.

If you are willing to out-create credit then you too can have the life you are asking for.

This isn’t a sales pitch. I suck at sales.

“Please sir may I have your hard earned money and trust?”

Ew. Don’t trust me. Ask me a boatload of questions first. This isn’t Tinder for therapy. No swiping here.

And I have a massive skill-set when it comes to healing broken hearts. We’ll do rad things together you and me!

I offer Individual sessions on a sliding scale because I’m not a money hungry asshole.

I actually want to help you!

(or any one you know that will benefit from life-changing guidance)


Psychic. Witch. Counselor. Life-changer. 

I am unlike any psychic or therapist you’ve been to because I’m both and I use my skills to help people get through the pain of breakups and be set free.


My experiences with Rebekah Freedom were very different than other counselors. She facilitated a healthy healing presence over the phone as a true friend would have, yet from a place of professionalism I haven’t experienced anywhere else. Rebekah has a real gift of empathy, wisdom of the Human Heart and compassionate listening. I Recommend her to anyone in times of need where open & respected healing space and intuitive presence is needed. Rebekah Freedom is the real deal.

Carter E.

Rebekah is an extraordinarily talented and intuitive individual. She has the ability to look at any situation and know which direction to go to best benefit the client, be it counseling or a more psychic approach. She is open and hilarious. She makes the session effortless and full of joy. Always fun and ALWAYS right on the nose with what direction you need to be heading in. The only thing I would want to improve is more time with her.

Rebecca S.

Rebekah, for me, was a big breath of fresh air and a great diversion off the path of traditional talk therapy that never lead me anywhere. I can honestly say she helped me “see the light…” LB

Lauri B


Let's get through this TOGETHER
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 About Rebekah Freedom

I don’t F’ around with people’s time, money or lives. 

Here’s the short of a very long story:

I was born in Bible School. I grew up in Northern California. My dad was a healer and my mother was a fiery Italian. My dad died when I was 20. My mom died when I was 27. It doesn’t matter how they died as much as how they lived. In the relatively short time I knew them both, they imparted a massive amount of wisdom.

Since their deaths I’ve been using my skills as a psychic and clinical counselor to set people free. I have worked with veterans with PTSD, drug addicts, young kids who lost their parent when they were only five years old, women experiencing domestic abuse, and “regular” folks who got hooked into this “self-development” racket.

When I tell my full story most people reflect back that, “I am strong.” I’m not.

I’m vulnerable enough to be myself.

I fuck up all the time.

And I’m resilient.

My dad died; I got my undergrad in Psych. My mother died; I got my Masters in Counseling. I got fired from my first job out of grad school; I started my own counseling practice. I went through one breakup after the next and created Breakup Rehab. I have alchemized pain into victory time after time.

And there is a secret that keeps me going.