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Breakup? Now WTF Do You Do?

I bet you thought, “Maybe the internet will help me with my breakup.” (It doesn’t, really.)

And you have read all the articles on how to get your ex back or to see if they are still interested in you after the heart-wrenching, gut-punch, mind-whirling, life-ending rejection; AKA: BREAKUP. You know, fuck, just fuck. Fuck love. Fuck Trying. Fuck giving a fuck about someone who doesn’t fucking care. And when it comes to moving forward by working with me, FUCK IT! I mean, what else are you going to do?

  • Depend on your friends for answers?
  • Work with a “more affordable” counselor?
  • Use another substance to numb the pain only to make it worse in the long-run?
  • Read more stupid internet articles and take quizzes meant to sell you shit products?
  • Think about ENDING IT ALL?

Whoa! Hold on there! There is a way forward and it is called Breakup Rehab. If you are done running from the pain, if you are ready to create the love you want, and if you just really need one solid person in your corner to help you have everything you have been asking for or to even help you decide what the fuck you actually want in love and life then it’s time for FREEDOM.

I’m going to walk with you every step of the way.

But if you aren’t ready to make the investment in you, then let’s not waste each others time.

I have hearts to heal and lives to save. And you are invited to be the person whose life changes today.

Make the call.


My experiences with Rebekah Freedom were very different than other counselors. She facilitated a healthy healing presence over the phone as a true friend would have, yet from a place of professionalism I haven’t experienced anywhere else. Rebekah has a real gift of empathy, wisdom of the Human Heart and compassionate listening. I Recommend her to anyone in times of need where open & respected healing space and intuitive presence is needed. Rebekah Freedom is the real deal.

Carter E.

Rebekah is an extraordinarily talented and intuitive individual. She has the ability to look at any situation and know which direction to go to best benefit the client, be it counseling or a more psychic approach. She is open and hilarious. She makes the session effortless and full of joy. Always fun and ALWAYS right on the nose with what direction you need to be heading in. The only thing I would want to improve is more time with her.

Rebecca S.